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Every movement is a valuable one,

that can carry information.

As we move,

images can come to our mind.

And we can unfold those images,

via words, movements and sounds.

Until they have a life on their own.



This workshop is inspired by the teachings of Simone Forti. An improvisational dance / narrative form she developed, where movement and words spring spontaneously from a common source.


Based on the teachings of Steve Paxton:

In Paxton`s words:

“With Material for the Spine, I am interested in alloying a technical approach to the processes of improvisation. It is a system for exploring interior and exterior muscles of the back. It aims to bring consciousness to the dark side of the body, that is, the ‘other’ side, or the inside, those sides not much self-seen, and to submit sensations from them to the mind for consideration.”

​These classes can give us a focused environment, to practice together,

  • helix and crescent forms rolling,

  • finding own small dance

  • and much more.


Composition, communication and the sense of imagination in real-time composition, a method developed by Lisa Nelson.

"Essentially a communication format, the tools of the tuning score make apparent the ways the players sense and make sense of movement, exposing their opinions and initiating a dialogue about space, time, action, and the desire to compose experience. The movement is unknown to the performers until the moment of action. The score offers a communication system to the players, who act equally as directors, performers and spectators. As each player tunes the image, the time, and space in order to make meaning for themselves, their opinions uncover the form as it arises and set the dance in motion.”


Form based on Arnold and Amy Mindell~s Process Oriented Psychology

"The art and science of noticing and appreciating our intentional movements while also exploring unintentional and spontaneous, movements as the seeds of our on-going dreaming process. When we explore these movements with awareness we can enrich our experience of everyday life and discover ourselves as unending creativity."


In the practice of process work, we together create a space and time for catching and unfolding unintentional movements, body sensations, sounds, images, day and night dreams, and spoken words that might emerge. Insights, discoveries can then point to useful and meaningful ways of life in everyday reality.

Dancer, Choreographer ,Teacher, Process work oriented advisor/coach for individuals, couples and groups.

Nóra Hajós, a native of Hungary, teaches and performs worldwide, dance improvisation, performance art and process oriented movement. She is a process work diplomat and  she was given the Second training eldership mastery certificate in 2012 by Arnold and Amy Mindell. As an improvisational performer she is interested in sensation-rooted-movement-explorations, action painting, juxtaposition with words, voices, imagery and motion.

Nora Hajos, in a pose
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