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Nóra Hajós

Dancer, Choreographer,Teacher, Process work oriented advisor/coach for individuals, couples and groups.

​Nóra is a native of Hungary, she teaches and performs worldwide, dance improvisation, performance art and process oriented movement. She is a process work diplomat  and  she was given the Second training eldership mastery certificate in 2012 by Arnold and Amy Mindell. As an improvisational performer she is interested in sensation-rooted-movement-explorations, action painting, juxtaposition with words, voices, imagery and motion.


Nóra studied in-depth with Steve Paxton (the originator of contact improvisation), Lisa Nelson (Tuning score), and Simone Forti (Logomotion).


She feels, that, studying with Amy and Arny Mindell (process-oriented psychology) since 1999 underlies her way of teaching, motivates her process, and widens her view on performance development and dance.


Nóra has created and performed her solo improvisations in the USA and Europe. She toured with Simone Forti, dancing Logomotion. She has also performed with Kossuth Prize-awarded composer/pianist Gyorgy Szabados, a Duet Improvisation Performance Series in Hungary. She has collaborated with Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Karen Nelson ,K. J. Holmes, and many others.

Nóra recently has been working with a group in Transylvania using Logomotion as a base for performing in various towns & rural locations; produced & directed Las Meninas~Dances under the St. John’s Bridge (Portland OR); internationally toured a duet dance piece with Karen Nelson titled Found; and performed Come Now Go and Soon Go See, a process work inspired dance duet with Craig Baker.


She has been teaching dance & performance improvisation at various festivals and private workshops, in the USA, South America, and Europe.


She has been introducing/teaching process work in various artistic fields. Her experience includes dream work, body work, coma work, relationship facilitation work, alongside with teaching movement work.


Over the past 20 years, her work has been portrayed in many settings such as giving workshops to dancers, musicians, movement therapists, psychologists in hospital settings, social workers, psycho-drama theater groups, and people generally interested in improvised movement. She has been teaching in the USA, Canada, South America and Europe.

She developed various dance-theater performances that included or were based on process work concepts. 


Nóra Hajós

Dancer Teacher Facilitator

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